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Published: 2018-05-22


zeb is performing its well-renowned “Digital Pulse Check” as from 16th of May until 13th of July 2018. This year’s edition of the study, the third overall, is about the status quo of digitalization, digital transformation and disruption in the European banking industry. Amongst other things, the study analyzes what aspects banks focus on when working on the further development of their existing business model. Another aspect of the study is whether banks are also pursuing disruptive ideas that are independent of their actual business model.

The Digital Pulse Check creates objective transparency for banks about their status quo compared to the rest of the banking industry and provides possible fields of actions and benefits:

  • A comprehensive overview as to whether digital mindset is integrated throughout the whole organization, especially if participation covers all levels from Management to all staff and from all areas incl. Marketing & Sales, Strategy& Digital, Operations & Back office, IT.
  • The result from the study, incl. structured and visually appealing assessment could simplify communication within organizations and further improve/grow digital mindset
  • Objective evaluation in a sector comparison with more than 100 banks

Please grasp this great (and free of charge) opportunity and contact us in order to participate in the Digital Pulse Check 3.0!


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