We provide outsourcing solutions for your internal control and support functions


Due to increasing regulatory requirements and a shortage of available resources many companies struggle to develop and maintain their internal control and support functions.

By outsourcing those functions to zeb your company gains access to a team of topic experts with substantial industry experience.

We have delivered numerous outsourcing assignments over the years and are able to provide a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.



As part of our outsourcing solution we assume full responsibility for managing your compliance function in line with regulatory requirements and industry best practice.

In the initial phase of an assignment we identify the laws and regulations applicable to your business and organization. In addition we carry out a GAP-analysis in order to assess the current level of compliance. Based on the results of our assessment we develop a risk-based working plan to ensure compliance within all regulated areas of your organization.

Specific services offered as part of our outsourcing solution may include:


We support you in developing a framework for internal governance and control by defining the organizational requirements and advising on the necessary policies and supporting documentation.

We perform key controls in order to ensure that all parts of your organization are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations.

We provide independent reporting to the board on the current status of compliance and regulatory development as well as advice on strategies and actions to ensure compliance.


Through our outsourcing solution you will gain access to an independent risk function with expert skills and extensive experience.

We support your organization in developing a framework for risk management including methods and processes covering all relevant categories of risk.

We also support the first line in all matters related to risk management while maintaining our organizational independence.

Specific services offered as part of our outsourcing solution may include:

We support the board in establishing a risk appetite based on the organization’s strategic and financial objectives. Based on the established risk appetite we then help you develop strategies which ensure that the organization’s risk profile remains in line with the risk appetite.

We develop methods and processes that are designed to manage the specific risks of your organization. Our experience includes both complex quantitative methods and more hands-on approaches designed to manage operational risk.

We help your organization to identify, analyze and control individual risks by for example performing self-assessments. For risks that are outside the established risk appetite we can advise you on mitigating strategies.


Financial law is highly complex and finding someone with the necessary skills and experience to support your organization may prove difficult. For small and mid-sized organizations having a permanent legal function in place might also be financially burdensome.

To support our clients we offer various forms of outsourcing solutions ranging from interim positions to full-time staffing of the legal function. When choosing zeb you hire one consultant but gain access to a team of experts.

Specific services provided as part of our outsourcing solution may include:

We provide you with legal opinions related to issues that arise as part of ongoing business. We can also advise you on feasible measures to manage implications of future regulations.

We support your organization in drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements. We have extensive experience from commercial as well as consumer agreements from various segments of the financial industry.

We help you develop the terms and conditions that govern your various products and services. We have extensive experience from all forms of insurance related products and are able to provide you with best practice solutions.


As experts in the areas of governance & control, compliance and risk management we are able to provide internal audit to all types of financial businesses.

As internal auditors we develop an audit plan that is based on applicable regulations and current industry development while at the same time tailored for your specific organization.

Our audit results are presented in a comprehensible format including clear recommendations on how to manage any identified deviations.

Specific services offered as part of our outsourcing solution may include:

We review the level of compliance in the first line as well as the work performed by the second line compliance function.

We review the organizations framework for risk management including the processes and methods applied by the second line risk function.

We review the organizations management of information based on requirements adopted by the FSA as well as the up-coming GDPR.


The continuous changes in regulations and market conditions mean opportunities for improvement and greater efficiency in the actuarial processes, calculating risk and managing data.

We help provide several solutions to insurance clients ranging from outsourcing of the actuarial function and interim solutions, to improving the actuarial processes.

We also provide technical support in implementation of new regulations such as IFRS 17.

Specific services offered as part of our outsourcing solution may include:

We help clients in pricing of insurance product, new or existing and also performs second opinions. This includes profitability analysis of single products or segments.

Reviewing processes including data flow integration, data quality and data output control.

In order to create necessary independency, we offer clients validation of the actuarial calculations.


In line with the requirements of the GDPR companies are required to assess the need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The DPO is required to have a high level of knowledge of data protection and understanding of data processing as well as to be independent from the rest of the organization.

Based on our experience from GDPR implementation as well as DPO assignments we are able to offer a full outsourcing solution for the DPO function.

Specific tasks  performed as part of our outsourcing solution may include:

We monitor the processing of personal data within the organization, and initiate, review and follow up on the processes required for data protection. We also support in creating the records of processing, and developing guidelines and routines.

We support the organization in all matters regarding personal data processing while at the same time acting as an internal supervisor for GDPR compliance.

We advise the organization regarding the need to conduct a DPIA for specific data processing as well as support the carrying out of such assessments.

If you would like to know more about our outsourcing solutions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Jonas Schödin

Head of Risk Management

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